Trump’s campaign website selling ‘official mugshot’ T-shirts for $36

Trump's campaign website selling 'official mugshot' T-shirts

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign website has sparked controversy by selling T-shirts featuring a “mugshot” of Trump, despite no official mugshot being released. The white shirts display a black and white photo of Trump in front of a police line-up backdrop, with the words “PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP” and “NOT GUILTY” emblazoned on them. One shirt costs $36, but can be obtained for free by anyone who donates $47 or more to Trump’s campaign. Trump has been arrested and charged in relation to hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016. Journalists have expressed concerns that the T-shirt sales are an attempt to profit from Trump’s legal troubles, rather than a show of support for the former president.

Official Trump Mugshot White Cotton T-Shirt
Official Trump Mugshot White Cotton T-Shirt

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